Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1917 March 27 -  Passenger train hit washout near Folger, CPR., Kingston sub., one fatality

Kingston British Whig Wednesday 28 March

Washout Wrecks C.P.R. Train
Near Folger Station on Tuesday Afternoon While Enroute to Renfrew
Engineer James Collins
Of Kingston has his leg badly fractured.
Passenger Coach Remained Upright Till Passengers Were All Out, But Afterwards Fell Into the Opening.

James Collins, 94 Lower Bagot street, one of the best known railroad engineers of the city, is lying in the Hotel Dieu with his leg fractured in three places, and physicians are watching his progress closely to determine if it will be necessary to amputate his limb. He was injured in a wash-out near Folger Station, when the C.P.R. engine and baggage car went into a hold made by a wash-out, and the first coach is now almost on end.

The accident happened about 4 o'clock on Tuesday afternoon to the train which left Kingston for Renfrew about 11 o'clock on Tuesday morning. At a point between Folger and Lavant stations a creek that passes down over a hill and under the road bed had been so increased by the spring rains that it undermined the foundation of the road. The weight of the locomotive brought down the support left after the wash-out, and before either fireman or engineer could jump the engine was on its side in the hole.

The baggage and mail car followed the engine, but fortunately the coach remained upright until the passengers were able to get out. Shortly afterwards, however, it also fell over on its side with one end in the opening.

Engineer Collins was found, after two hours' work, under the engine with his leg badly broken. After being taken out he was carried to a train which meanwhile had been sent for from Sharbot Lake. The message to bring the train had been sent over the wire from Folger, which meant a walk of several miles.

The fireman of the wrecked train was not injured. His name is W.J. Slimmons, Montreal street. When the train was approaching the hole he jumped to the side of the engine, but instead of jumping clear he was thrown far out of danger and almost off the right of way.

The passengers with the injured engineer came as far as Sharbot Lake on the train which had been hastily summoned. The passengers were then taken over the C.P.R. to Smith's Falls and back to Renfrew to reach their destinations. The special train then rushed to Kingston, arriving here at 2 a.m. Wednesday. Dr. Baker, of Sharbot Lake, accompanied the train to the city, and Mr. Collins was removed to the Hotel Dieu.

It was learned on Wednesday that the wash-out, which had at first been only about ten feet deep and twenty feet long, had spread until it is now fifteen deep and thirty-five feet long. The railway officials hope to be able to pass trains over it safely by 7 o'clock this (Wednesday) evening but the rolling stock will not be rescued by that time or possibly for several days.

- - -

Lieut.-Col. R.W. Smart and Major R.D. Ponton, headquarters staff here, were on the C.P.R. train which was wrecked between Lavant and Folger stations on Tuesday afternoon.

Ottawa Journal 28 March 1917

Spreading of Rail Caused The Accident
Renfrew, March 28.- The K. & P. passenger train due here at 5 o'clock last night jumped the tracks near the Flower Station, owing, it is said, to spreading of rails. The engine and baggage car went over an embankment. Engineer James Collins was injured, but not seriously. No passengers were injured.

Ottawa Citizen 28 March 1917

Train Ran Into Washout

Kingston, Mar. 28.- Jas. Collins, engineer, sustained a fractured leg in an accident about four o'clock Tuesday afternoon near Folger station. The train from Kingston for Renfrew ran into a washout. Between Folger and Lavant stations an overflowed creek had undermined the roadbed and the engine, baggage and mail car went into the hold. No passengers were hurt.

Kingston British Whig 9 April 1917

James Collins Dies From His Injuries
C.P.R. Engineer Was in the Washout Accident at Folger Station

Many regrets were expressed when it became known that James Collins, one of the best known C.P.R. engineers, of this city, has passed away in the Hotel Dieu on Sunday afternoon after two weeks of patient suffering.

It will be remembered that he was fatally injured in the wreck caused by a washout at Folger Station a couple of weeks ago, from which he never recovered.
The late Mr. Collins was one of the oldest and most reliable engineers, being on the road for the past thirty-five years, always giving the company satisfaction and never meeting with any serious accidents until one which caused his death. His place will be indeed hard to fill.

He is survived by his wife and two sons, Norton, of this city, and Joseph, of Toronto; also two brothers, Thomas, of Belleville, and Joseph of Shelbyville, Ind., and four sisters, Mrs. James Daley, of Ottawa; Mrs. Thomas Daley, of Cape Vincent; Miss Mary Collins, of Brockville, and Miss Sarah of Belleville.

On Tuesday March 27th a washout on the line between Folger and Lavant stations, Kingston sub-division, C.P.R., wrecked the express train on which Mr. Collins was engineer. He was found after two hours work, under the engine with his leg badly broken. After being taken out he was hurried to a special train which brought him to Kingston.

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