Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1967, April 15 - Crossing collision, Riverside Drive, CPR., Prescott sub., no injuries

Ottawa Citizen 17 April 1967

Pair uninjured as train hits car
Walter Berger, 26, of 533 Churchill Ave., knows Saturday definitely wasn't his day.
Mr. Berger's car collided with a telephone pole and then was hit by a train twice several minutes later.
Mr. Berger, stationed at RCAF Uplands, lost control of his car on Riverside Drive Saturday evening and struck a telephone pole near a railing crossing.
He and a passenger, Michael Cornell, 25, of 2129 Honeywell Ave., stepped uninjured from the car, which had bounced onto the tracks.
The Canadian Pacific's transcontinental train from Vancouver then bumped the car off the crossing.
The train hit the car on the right front fender and spun it around, pushing the rear of the vehicle into the side of the train
The Ottawa bound train, undamaged, was delayed about 10 minutes.
Damage to the car 'as estimated at $600.

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Updated 31 March 2020