Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1937, August 10 - Train stops for funeral procession, Chesterville CPR., Winchester sub.

Ottawa Citizen 14 August 1937

C.P.R. Engineer's Courtesy
Editor, Citizen: Yesterday, August 10, an incident occurred which, for those who noticed it, was more impressive than any seen for a long time. A score or more of cars were in the funeral procession of the late Edward Gillard of Chesterville en route from the church to Maple Ridge cemetery, about three miles west of Chesterville.
The procession had reached, and part of it had crossed, what is known locally as the "Upper Crossing," when an east-bound C.P.R. freight, with engine No. 3728. came along at the normal rate of speed for a freight train. Because we had had previous similar experiences in funeral processions, all the occupants of our car expressed the usual regrets that the procession would be intercepted. But we were to be most impressively surprised! The train quickly slowed down and came to a dead stop some distance west of the crossing, and so remained for the few moments required to permit the remainder of the procession to cross in safety, and with no undue alarm. .
We know not who was responsible for this unusual act of courtesy and respect, but we do know, and are delighted to say, that it did not go unnoticed. In these days, when hurry and general forgetfulness of others seem to predominate the activities of the world and its component individuals, it is with almost unspeakable joy and satisfaction that we witness an act of such deliberate courtesy and thoughtfulness. We are sure that we voice the feelings of every friend and mourner in that funeral procession when we say that such meritorious action should not go unrewarded, be the reward what it may.
And so, our friend on C.P.R. No. 3728, we are passing this letter on for publication wherever it may be acceptable, and to you, we pass on our expression of gratefulness., respect and pride for your kindly act. "So shines a good deed in a naughty world." P. S. BOYD, Chesterville, Ont, Aug. 11, 1937.

Also printed in the Ottawa Journal 14 August 1937

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