Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1907, December 11 - Collision between passenger train and freight train stopped by a semaphore at Carleton Junction,
2 passengers and 3 dining car employees injured.

From the Ottawa Journal Friday 13 December 1907

Struck the conductor's van of a freight train at Carleton Place.
Carleton Place Dec 13. Mo 2. Atlantic express bound east, about on time shortly before two o'clock Wednesday afternoon, struck the conductor's van of a lumber yard freight train just west of the railway bridge, near Wiliam street. In front of the van were several box cars, and into which one of these, loaded with two-inch plank, the van was telescoped. The stove set fire to the box car which was completely destroyed, but most of the lumber was saved through the efforts of the town fire brigade which reached the scene promptly.
No one was seriously injured, but a couple of gentlemen who were passengers on No. 2 and the chef and a waiter in the dining car sustained slight abrasions.  Messrs, J.F. Warren, J. Douglas, J. Black and Ed Steacy, of the C.P.R. staff and Dr. R.F. Preston, M.L.A., the railway company's physician, were quickly on hand  and rendered all necessary assistance to the passengers, as did also Conductor Cameron of No. 2 and members of the train crews.
The passengers for Ottawa and other local points were transferred to Carleton Junction station for the 3.56 o'clock eastbound . Many of those on the delayed express were bound for the Old Country by Christmas sailings. The locomotives (sic) was only slightly damaged. The cause of the mishap is said to be the break of a coupling about the middle of the freight train.

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