Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1929, October 2 - Crossing collision Carleton Place, CPR., no injuries.

Ottawa Journal 3 October 1929.

Ottawa train hits car near station
Ashton farmer has no Escape at Carleton Place Crossing.
Carleton Place, Oct. 2 - his vision obscured by the heavy rain Russell Crawford, farmer living nere Ashton, narrowly escaped death tonight when his automobile was struck by the Toronto-Ottawa C.P.R. train on the Franktown road crossing at the C.P.R. station here.
Mr. Crawford was driving in to Carleton Place from his home at 7.12 p.m., when the Toronto-Ottawa train is due here. He did not see the approaching train, which was slowing up for the station, only a short distance away.
The locomotive struck the rear of the car, which was almost over the crossing. As the heavy train was moving slowly to stop at the near-by platform, the blow was not heavy, although the automobile was badly damaged. Mr. Crawford escaped with only a bruise over one eye. He was taken home in another automobile. The train was not delayed but continued on its way to Ottawa.

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