Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1912, January 7 - Derailment at Cardinal, GTR., one fatality

Morrisburg Leader 11 January 1912

Killed at Cardinal

Brakeman Bradley, of Montreal, loses his life - struck by a flat car which was derailed at a cross-over switch in peculiar manner - death was instantaneous

(Monday's Brockville Times)
A fatal accident occurred about 9.40 o'clock last evening on the G.T.R. at Cardinal, when Brakeman Munro Bradley, of Montreal, lost his life,  It appears a westbound freight train had stopped there to drop a certain number of cars on the siding, The conductor, who was operating the switch threw it over when two cars had passed him. In the darkness he did not observe that a flat car, containing an oil tank followed closely. Of course it was derailed, as were also three others behind it. Bradley, it appears, was standing to one side of the switch when the accident occurred and unfortunately was caught in the wreckage sustaining injuries about the head which caused instant death.
The Brockville auxilliary was called to the scene of the disaster and in a short time had righted matters.
The train was in charge of Conductor Haggerty, of Montreal, and Engineer Berard, also of that city.
Brakeman Bradley had figured in several other accidents while being employed in that capacity. On October 29, 1909, he was severely scalded at River Beaudette when, it will be remembered, Engineer Arthur Bramley was so severely injured. It was feared then that Bradley would lose his life, as his face, arms and chest were so badly scalded by the boiler explosion. He recovered but was unable to work during the winter of 1909. Bradley had no regular run, being on the spare list. He was well liked by the men generally and they, with his widow and two children residing in Montreal mourn his untimely end.

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