Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1930, July 19 - Man killed under train at Vankleek Hill, CPR., Montreal and Ottawa sub.

Ottawa Citizen 21 July 1930

Unknown is killed trying to steal ride
Man falls beneath train at Vankleek Hill.

Falling beneath the wheels of a moving train at Vankleek Hill Saturday afternoon, an unidentified man was so badly injured that he died shortly after. It was the man's third attempt to steal a ride on the Montreal-Ottawa C.P.R. train, the crew having put him off twice before. He was at first found by the crew to be riding behind the tender. He was put off and again tried to board the train as it was leaving Vankleek Hill station. He was put off again but as the train got up speed he tried to grasp a handle on one of the coaches and missed, falling beneath the wheels.

Dr. A. McDonald, of Vankleek Hill, was unable to do anything for the man, who refused to reveal his identity before he died. He is described as being between 25 and 30 years old, clean shaven, dark brown hair, five feet, seven inches in height and weighing 150 pounds. He wore a grey striped blue suit and black pullover sweater.

The body will be buried at Vankleek Hill sometime today, unless it is claimed.

Ottawa Citizen 26 July 1930

Relatives identify body of man killed by train

Hawkesbury, Ont., July 25 - positive identification of the body of the man who was killed by C.P.R train number 505 near Vankleek Hill station on July 19th was made at a resumed session of the inquest held today and presided over by Coroner H. H. Kirby, M.D. The body is that of Pascal Noel Lebel of Montreal, who according to evidence, set out to "beat" his way to Ottawa. The mother, a sister and brother-in-law of the deceased testified. Following the taking of evidence, a verdict was given to the effect that the deceased came to his death on July 19th near Vankleek Hill station in an accident in connection with C.P.R . train 505. A rider clearing the train crew of all blame for the accident was added.

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