Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1870, September 2 - Brockville and Ottawa Railway Mixed Train runs off the track at Pakenham. No injuries

Perth Courier 2 September 1870
Via telegraph, we just learn (10.30 a.m.) that a mixed train ran off the track on the Brockville & Ottawa Railway this morning, about three miles north of Pakenham, on its way to Brockville, causing a sudden disarrangement of the trains, and occasioning considerable damage to itself - smashing three loaded cars, we are informed, literally to pieces, their contents bearing company, and badly damaging both the van and passenger car attached, the brakeman barely saving his "scalp" by bolting into the passenger car at the instant of accident. Cause of accident is said to be a defective truck of one of the loaded cars. No one hurt; but the event, as we have said, has been the means of disarranging the trains for the day - occasioning the regular train to and from Sand Point to lie over at Arnprior, and the Perth train on arrival at Smith's Falls, to take its place from there to Brockville, besides necessitating the dispatch a special train to their (damaged train's) assistance, and obliging the regular following from Brockville, to tarry at Pakenham to await further orders. Thanks to the thoughtful Manager of the road, however, we have not been discommoded by the Perth train proceeding to Brockville instead of returning, immediate arrangement being made for the mails to come through from Smith's Falls by team - the same thoughtful arrangement being made for the satisfaction of the passengers - Whether we will have a train from here as usual is not yet certain, but one there will be, we are assured, if al all possible.

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