Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1948, 26 August - Railway Crane Topples from Trestle at HEPC Fitzroy.

From the Ottawa Citizen  26 August 1948

Man Killed At Fitzroy
Peter Lalonde, 50-year-old resident of Fitzroy harbor, was instantly killed at 10.45 o'clock this morning when the electric crane he was operating in moving box cars at the Hydro Electric Company's plant at Fitzroy jumped the tracks and plunged from a trestle onto rocks 25 feet below.
Joseph Bowman, 45, who was riding on the crane with Lalonde at the time, smashed a window in the cab and leaped out just before the heavy piece of equipment went over the side of the trestle.  He suffered only a broken nose and minor cuts and bruises.
Peter Lalonde, who was widely known in the Fitzroy area, leaves a wife and four children

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