Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1921, October 11 - Grand Trunk passenger train between Pembroke and Golden Lake is derailed at Dore Bay by spread rails. Minor injuries

Ottawa Journal Wednesday 12 October 1921

Believe Spread Rail Is Cause of Dore Bay Derailment
Eganville, Oct 11. (Special.) Two rear coaches of the G. T. R. Pembroke-Golden Lake train jumped the track at Dore Bay, five miles from here at 3.30 this afternoon. Fortunately the cars did not overturn, but the shock was sufficiently severe to break all the windows in the cars and injure a number of passengers. A spread rail is believed to have been the cause of the derailment.
Mr. Thos. Sharp. of Caldwell,. Ont, one of the passengers, was the most severely injured. He suffered several cuts about the head from falling glass. Mr. Sharp, together with a number of other passengers who had been slightly injured, was brought here to Dr. Galligan's office for treatment.
A special train was sent out from Golden Lake, and all the passengers were transferred to it. A wrecking train was immediately despatched from Ottawa, and it is expected that the wreckage will have been removed by morning. The Pembroke train leaving Ottawa at 5.15. p.m. was held up at Gore Bay station until the wreck can be cleared from the tracks.

Officials at the Union Depot, Ottawa, stated last night that while a wrecking train had been sent out, the wreck was not a bad one. The cause of the accident had not yet been reported to the head office.

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