Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1938 March 3 - Crossing collision, Maitland, CNR., Kingston sub., no injuries

Ottawa Citizen 4 March 1938

A. Towsley, of Ottawa, today possesses as a souvenir an automobile crank, all he has to show after his car was struck by a Canadian National Railways passenger train No. 14 eastbound to Montreal at the level crossing north of Maitland village yesterday afternoon.
Towsley was proceeding south on the county road leading to provincial highway No.3, when his car stalled on the level crossing on the main line of the Canadian National Railways.  He got out of the car with the crank in his hand to start the motor and looking westward noticed the approach of the passenger train in charge of James Manseau of Montreal.  The train was estimated to be travelling between 50 and 60 miles per hour.
The Ottawa man was well clear of the tracks when the locomotive struck his sedan which was completely demolished, leaving the owner with the crank.  The wreckage of the car was removed by a wrecking truck belonging to a Maitland garage.  The accident was investigated by Provincial Constable Harris of the motor cycle patrol.

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