Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1906 December 10 - Hull Electric Railway collision at Deschenes.

Ottawa Journal 11 December 1906

Motor man's leg crushed
Pierre Clement Meets with Painful Accident
He may lose his right foot
Was entering the car shed of the Hull electric company at the Deschenes

Pierre Clement age 38 and old and experienced motorman of the Hull Electric Railway, had his right foot smashed and was otherwise seriously injured in a collision between his car and a sweeper at the Deschenes powerhouse last night. He was at the controller of one of the new cars, no 26, and at the switch on the east end of the discussion station, an electric sweeper was being taken on to a siding to clear the main line. It appears that the motor man, Clement, did not gauge the distance right, and when he applied the air brakes, his car had too much momentum. The collision resulting, smashed the vestibule of his car, catching him in the debris, and a half dozen passengers were badly frightened, but not at all injured.

Clement was brought to the city and taken to the Protestant hospital at once, and Dr. J. G Scott was called. Under his care the patient was rendered comfortable, but the right foot had to be amputated. Dr. Scott is not too sure of being able to save the left limb, but will spare no pains to do so.

The accident happened about 11 last night as Clement's car was the one that left Ottawa at 10:30 p.m. The damage to the new car was confined to the front vestibule, which being chiefly of softwood, will not be costly. Some woodwork about the sweeper was smashed.

Mr. W.R. Taylor, superintendent of the Hull Electric, speaking to The Journal, said that it is strange to the employees and officials how the accident should have occurred, as the spot is well lighted, and both sweeper and car were equipped with head and rear search lights.

Clement is a married man with a small family, and his home is in Aylmer.

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