Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1937, January 20 - Fatality at Greenfield, CNR., Alexandria sub.

Ottawa Citizen 20 January 1937

Greenfield Woman Killed Instantly Walking on Track
ALEXANDRIA, Ont Jan. 20. Struck by a C.N.R. passenger train as she was walking on the railway tracks near her home, Mrs. Duncan John Roy MacDonald, aged about 60 years, well known resident of Greenfield, was instantly killed at 10.45 o'clock this morning. The accident occurred about one and a half miles east of Greenfield station.
Dr. D. J. Dolan. of Alexandria chief coroner for Glengarry county, was notified and had the remains taken to Alexandria. He will open an inquest at a later date.
According to the train crew, Mrs. MacDonald was walking on the tracks, her back turned to the westbound train. The accident happened in a curve and the train engineer first noticed the unfortunate woman when the train was but a few hundred feet away. Emergency brakes were applied but the woman was struck with great force and thrown several yards along the right of way.
The train came to an instant stop and when it was ascertained that the woman was dead, the body was left in charge of the train's brakesman. The train stopped at Greenfield and the coroner at Alexandria was notified by telephone.
Dr. Dolan went immediately to the scene and had the remains taken to Alexandria where they were later taken charge of by relatives. The coroner is expected to open an inquest some time today.
George Keeley of Montreal was the conductor, and S. McMillan, also of Montreal, was the engineer of the train.

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