Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1913, May 22 - Collision at Chesterville, one injury.

Chesterville Record 22 May 1913. 

This forenoon, about 11 o'clock, quite a bad wreck occurred right at the station at Chesterville, the Overseas Mail train and the weigh freight coming together.  The weight freight from the east was busy unloading at the freight shed when the mail train from the west put in an appearance and as there is a considerable down grade after coming over the rise of the hill the engineer was unable to stop before coming together, although he got it slowed down considerably. The mail train was very light, there being only the mail car and a passenger coach.

Several cars were badly smashed as well as both the engines.
Mr. MacDonald, brakesman, and Mr. Haley, fireman, were both badly hurt but not seriously.
The auxiliary train is here and clearing the track as fast as possible.

Repeated verbatim in the Kemptville Weekly Advance of 29 May 1913

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