Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1909, September 8 - Attempted train wrecking near Maniwaki, C.P. R Maniwaki sub., no injuries.

Ottawa Citizen 10 September 1909

Ottawa Express Close Call Near Maniwaki.
Saved by Coolness of Eng. Stagg, Ottawa.
Large Boulder and Rail Across the Track.

What appears to have been a well planned attempt to wreck the north bound C. P. R passenger train from Ottawa at Maniwaki Wednesday morning, was frustrated by the vigilance of Engineer Stagg, who brought his train to a standstill within a foot of the obstructions that had been placed across the rails. About a mile east of Maniwaki, as the train was proceeding along at a high rate of speed. Engineer Stagg noticed an unusual heap of what looked from a distance to be a bunch of roots in the center of the track, a hundred yards to the front of the train. Immediately applying the emergency brakes, he was able to bring his train to a stop within a few feet of the obstruction. On investigation it proved to be a large boulder covered over with roots and grass back of which was a steel rail placed across the track.
Thepassengers on tne train were considerably aroused on learning of the narrow escape they had just had and were loud in their praises of the action of Engineer Stagg, who with such great presence of mind averted what would undoubtedly have been a serious wreck.
At the C.P.R. offices here today it was learned that word had been received of the occurrence, and that one of the company's private detectives was at work on the case. No trace has. as yet. been found of the parties responsible for the attempted train-wrecking
Engineer Stagg resides at 728 Albert street.

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