Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1951, October 5 - Crossing Accident, CPR, Vankleek Hill, One fatality, five injured

From the Ottawa Citizen 6 October 1951

Train Hits Auto, Kills One, Hurts 5
One man was killed and four persons injured three seriously when a CPR flyer crashed into their car about a mile north of Vankleek Hill last night.
Keith Munro, RR 2, Lanark.
The injured:
Donald Wilson, 23, RR 2, Lanark.
Helen Sauve, 19, of Alexandria.
Ruth Pigeon, 18, of Alexandria.
James Andrew, 26, driver of the car, Keewatln Avenue. Toronto, escaped with slight injuries.
Jean Lepage, of Alexandria, suffered shock and bruises.
In Its Path
Police report that the accident occurred on Highway 34 at the CPR crossing. The party, driving west, and the driver apparently failed to see the south-bound train until he was almost in its path.
The car was thrown 55 feet and overturned twice. It came to rest on a set of tracks beside the one used by the train.
Provincial Constable Fred Goddard of Vankleek Hill investigated.
All the injured were taken to hospitals in Hawkesbury

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