Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1933, March 16 - Crossing collision, St. Hyacinthe Street, Hull, CPR., M and O sub., no injury

Ottawa Citizen 16 March 1933

Hull Man's Escape At Rail Crossing
Car Driven by Arthur Monette Collides With C.P.R. Maniwaki-Ottawa Train
Arthur Monette, 61 St. Hyacinthe stree,. Hull, had a narrow escape from death or serious injury when his automobile crashed Into the C.P.R. Maniwaki-Ottawa train at 10.35 o'clock this morning at St. Hyacinthe street crossing, where three Ottawa men were killed a year ago. Fortunately, the train was just leaving Beemer station and was proceeding slowly.
The train dragged the automobile: for a few yards Mr. Monette was uninjured but the radiator and mudguards of the car were smashed.
Howe Bell, conductor of the train, reported the accident to railway authorities in Ottawa. The train is scheduled to arrive in the Capital at 10.45 a.m.

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