Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1923, August 13 - Crossing collision with battery storage car near Westport, CNR., one death one injury.

Ottawa Citizen 14 August 1923


Occupants of Automobile Are Dragged 150 Feet.
Hurled from their automobile when it was struck by an electric storage battery car operating on the C.N.R. at a crossing two miles south of Westport. Edward Bolton, of Newboro, was fatally injured, and his brother Frank of the same place slightly hurt yesterday afternoon.
The brothers, aged 53 and 51 respectively, were driving through Noonan's cut, between Newboro and Westport, when the car on the  Interurban line between Westport and Brockville struck them at the crossing. The automobile was smashed to splinters, and dragged 150 feet. Edward Bolton was carried for some distance before being thrown into the ditch. Frank Bolton escaped with minor injuries.
Section hands carried the dying man to a nearby farm house where he was attended by Dr. Barker, of Westport. It was found that he had many scalp wounds, eight, or nine broken rib, and a broken leg. He died shortly after being taken to the house.
Among the passengers on the car who aided the injured man was Mr. J. A. Oborne, 174 Second Avenue, Ottawa.
An Inquest has been opened

Ottawa Citizen 14 August 1923

Injured in Auto Accident
BROCKVILLE. Aug. 14 - Edward Bolton of Newboro, was fatally injured and his brother, Frank Bolton, of the same plac, slightly hurt, when the auromobile which the former was driving, was struck yesterday afternoon at Noonan's public crossing, two miles south of Westport by the electric storage battery car operating on the C.N.R.

Kemptville Weekly Advance 16 August 1923

Edwards [sic] Bolton, of Newboro, Struck By Electric Car.
(Brockville Recorder)
Yesterday afternoon at 3.55 o'clock, a fatal accident occurred at Noonan's crossing two and a half miles south of Westport, in the township of South Crosby. The victim was Edward Bolton, of Newboro, a former resident of the Tin Cap.
From particulars received by the R. and T. it would seem that the victim, accompanied by his brother, Frank Bolton, also of Newboro, was driving a Chevrolet car and on approaching the crossing, which is a public one, failed to notice the approach of Canadian National Railway electric storage battery car. The result was a collision. The rear part of the automobile was badly damaged and Frank Bolton was thrown out of it and upon the highway. His brother, Edward Bolton, was dragged for some distance and then pitched down an embankment and upon some heavy stone boulders. It was some time before he was discovered. Word was immediately sent to Westport for medical assistance and although a physician responded immediately, Mr. Bolton was beyond medical aid. It is thought that death was due to a fracture of the skull, as his head was badly injured. He had been carried by section hands to the residence of a farmer named Henderson where he breathed his last.
The C.N.R. electric car was in charge of Engineer John R. Graham and Conductor George L. Horton, both of this town.
The late Edward Bolton was a son of the late Robert and Mary Bolton and was born at Newboro 58 years ago. He was educated at Newboro and some years ago married Miss Anne Layng. who died a year ago. He is survived by one son, Robert Bolton, who is attending the Peterboro Collegiate Institute. He also leaves one brother, Mr. Frank Bolton, a school teacher at Newboro. He was an Anglican in religion and a member of the church at Newboro. All of his life he followed farming and for some years conducted a farm on the Perth road, three miles north of Brockville. His death is heard with deep regret as he was a man respected by all having the pleasure of his acquaintance.

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