Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1927, August 6 - Crossing collision, Westboro, CPR., Carleton Place sub., no injuries.

Ottawa Journal 9 August 1927

Quick Jump Saves Hiram Olive When Car Stalls.
Hiram Olive, Pacific street, Westbobo, narrowly eacaped injury when his automoblle stalled Saturday noon on the C.P.R. tracks at Westboro in the path ot a westbound Toronto passenger train. Mr. Olive, who was the only occupant of the automobile, had time to leave the car before it was struck. The rear end of the automobile was damaged.
Mr. Olive, who is employed by J.W. Bean, Westbobo butcher, had obtained Saturday afternoon off, and was driving home about 12.40 o'clock. As he was crossing the railway his engine stalled.
He endeavored to start the engine again but had no time to do so before the train approached at high speed. Mr. Olive leaped from his car and ran to safety.
The automobile, which was almost clear of the track, was struck near the rear by the engine as it went by, and the rear wheels and back of the automobile were broken.

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