Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1930, October 10 - Sectionman killed near Cornwall, CNR., Kingston sub.

Ottawa Journal 11 October 1930

Hit by fast train section man dies
Cornwall man loses life when he fails get off track.

Cornwall,Ont., Oct. 10  Hubert Tyo, Cornwall section worker was fatally injured when struck by the first section of the C.N.R. International Limited, while at work on the Canadian National right of way, four miles east of here, this afternoon.

Tyo was one of a group of 60 men engaged in laying new steel East of Cornwall and although warned by a foreman of the approach of the fast train from the East at four o'clock, failed to leave the track in time. His fellow workmen believed that he could not hear the approaching passenger train because of the noise of an Eastbound freight.

He was struck by the engine and hurled some distance. First aid was rendered by workman and Tyo was brought to Cornwall on the second section of the train which was flagged 10 minutes later. Tyo died at Hotel Dieu Hospital at 6.20 this evening. He was a married man with several children. Coroner C. J. Hamilton has ordered an inquest.

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