Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1941, May 3 - Pool train from Toronto derailed pony truck at Hurdman, no injuries.

From the Ottawa Journal 3 May 1941

Engine Goes Off Track Toronto Train Late
Passengers on the Toronto-Ottawa pool scheduled to arrive in Ottawa at  7.10 standard time this morning were delayed when one of the wheels of the pony truck ot the engine went off the track at Hurdman's just outside the city, resulting in a minor derailment. The wheel was one of the very small wheels at the front of the engine directly under the cow-catcher.
At the time, the train was travelling very slowly and the majority of passengers were not even aware of the mishap. Together with their baggage they were conveyed to the city by buses.
Auxiliary equipment was despatched from Union Station and is lifting the engine back on the tracks. Railway authorities said no damage resulted from the accident.

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