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1968, March 26 - Crossing collision at Walkley Road with Canadian pacific "Canadian", one dead, one injured

From the Ottawa Citizen 27 March 1968.

Photo Auto hurtled off bridge
Car rests on shoreline after plunging 20 feet from bridge
Girl dies, mother injured when car struck by train
By Dave Smithers Cltlien staff writer
A 2 1/2 year-old Ottawa girl was killed and her mother injured late Tuesday afternoon when their car was struck by a passenger train at a Walkley Road level crossing.
Dead is Andrea Louise Traversy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Traversy of 2636 Colman St. There are five other children in the family.
Her mother. Mr. Netta Traversy, 44. driver of the car, is in good condition at Riverside Hospital with shoulder injuries.
Short skid marks led to the crossing between McCarthy Road and Riverside Drive on Walkley Road where the eastbound car was hit by the southbound Canadian Pacific Railway's Canadian about 4.40 p.m.
The car was dragged 675 feet by the train. The Canadian was just 15 minutes out of Ottawa station when the accident occurred.
The child was thrown from the car on impact. Her body was found 100 feet from the crossing in the ditch beside the tracks. Mrs. Traversy was still in the car when police arrived.
The CPR train was driven by Andre Labre, 55. of 25 Wright St.. Hull, who said that he was travelling at 40 miles an hour in 45 m.p.h. zone.
CPR officials, who arrived shortly after the accident, said the red signal lights at the crossing were in working order.
The lights were activated when another train came through the crossing shortly after 5.30 p.m. after the car wreckage had been cleared and the Canadian moved.
An eye-witness, Ian Roy, 13. of 655 Farmington Ave., said he was walking home along the side of the tracks when he "heard an awful crash."
"I turned around and saw the car being shoved along the tracks in front of the train." he said.
He estimated the speed of the train at 45 m.p.h. when he first saw it. Area residents said that was an average speed for trains at that crossing.
Other witnesses said it appeared the car stalled on the tracks as the train approached.
The accident held up homeward bound traffic for almost an hour.

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