Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1939, October 13 - Conductor struck by bird shot on Pembroke train near Arnprior.

Ottawa Journal 14 October 1939

Struck by Bird Shot On Pembroke Train
Herbert H. Brown, of 130 First avenue, C.N.R. conductor, suffered slight injuries to the back of his head and neck when a shotgun accidentally discharged in a day coach on the C.N.R. Ottawa-Pembroke local passenger train near  Arnprior on Friday morning.
Loaded with birdshot, the gun belonged to a passenger whose  name was not revealed. The passenger was sitting in the smoking compartment and another passenger lifted the gun to examine it. The gun discharged as the conductor was passing in the corridor. The lead pellets penetrated the partition wall of the compartment and two or three of the pellets lodged in the flesh of Mr. Brown.
At Renfrew station. Dr. C. W. McCormack was summoned and the conductor's injuries were treated, after which he was able to continue his duties.

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