Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1981, January 13 - Car "popped" out of a train on the CNR Beachburg subdivision

From Bruce Chapman

Bruno Leroux, retired CNR superintendent for the area, said that he had to go out on a cold winter’s morning to see what was going on, as the Capreol train dispatcher had some work for him..  The sectionmen on the Beachburg Subdivision reported a boxcar of grain heading to Montreal was out in the ‘bush’, somewhere between Nepean and Fitzroy on the Beachburg Subdivision.  

The train crew on the manifest train, #302 or some such, reported that the train had gone into emergency during the night.  When they reached the pull-apart, nothing seemed amiss, so they coupled up, tested the air, and took off for Walkley Yard.

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Updated January 2014