Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1894, February - Derailment of a Mixed Train at Clyde Forks, Kingston and Pembroke Railway

Ottawa Joural 23 February 1894

Frozen Over Rails Caused a Train to Jump - The Accidents.

What may have been a serious accident occurred on the K. & P. railway about three quarters of a mile from Clyde Forks a couple of days ago about 2 a.m. that No. 3 mixed train from Renfrew (Craig, conductor) got derailed owing to the track being frozen over from the thaw on Sabbath. A special two hours before ran off at the same place. They placed fog signals on the track for the mixed, but all precautions were useless.
The engine ran quite a distance off the track; a box car loaded with flour, etc., rolled down a slight embankment, then turned on its broad side; next a car of oak logs were pitched into, or near the river; then the passenger coach, which contained very few passengers - it ran off the track for about 25 or 30 yards, then went down the embankment, but remained on the wheels. Mrs. Rodgers, of this place, was on board. A large gang of men were speedily on the scene. The main line was blocked till about noon. Miraculously no one was hurt, but considerable damage to rolling stock. Mr. Folger, jun. was early on the spot.

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