Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

 1904, February 5 - 16 freight cars and a tender derail at Killaloe, Canada Atlantic.  No injuries.

Ottawa Journal 8 February 1904

A Canada Atlantic railway freight train consisting of 36 cars of logs in charge of Conductor Connelly which left Madawaska late Friday evening the 5th inst. for Ottawa jumped the rails near Killaloe station at 7.45 p.m.
The train was running at a moderate speed, when she suddenly left the rails, overturning 16 cars and the tender, which was almost completely demolished.  Fortunately the engine did not go over, which greatly lessened the danger to the driver and fireman, although as it was they had a very close call.  Driver H.H. Leggat, who stuck to his post, had enough presence of mind to shut off the steam as soon as he felt that something was wrong.  He, however, strange to say, is the only one of the train hands that was hurt.  He was thrown from his engine and falling backwards across an iron bar was considerably bruised about his back.  Last evening he was resting nicely, and hoped to be out again in a short time.
As soon as word had reached the city a wrecking train was despatched to the scene.

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