Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1952, February 6 - Crossing Accident at Hull Florent Street, minor injuries

Ottawa Citizen, 6 February 1952

Three Hurt At Crossing
Three Hull city employes narrowly escaped serious iniury this morning about 9.30 o'clock when theirlight. pick-up truck was struck by a CPR train at the St. Florent Street level crossing in Hull.
Suffering from shock and abrasions are: Moise Archabault. 67. of 258 St Redempteur Street, the driver. Albini Sylvestre, 29. of 24 Archambault Street and Aurele Seguin. 38, of St. Florent Street .
None of the three was seriously injured and only Archambault required hopital treatment. He was detained at the Sacred Heart Hospital in Hull for X-rays.
City Truck
The accident happened when the north-bound truck, owned by the Street Light and Fire Alarm Department of Hull was struck in the rear by the slowly-moving westbound passenger train, bound for Brockville. On.
t About $500 damage was caused to the truck The train engineer was A Rowd of Kemptville. The conductor was J W Ware of 151 primrose Street, Ottawa The train continued on its way after a brief halt Constables Clement Courville and FaIcon Marcil of the Hull police investigated,

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