Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1903, November 9 - A westbound Canada Atlantic passenger train derails completely at the switch at Graham Bay.

Ottawa Journal 9 November 1903

Run Off at Graham Bay.
A run off occurred on the Canada Atlantic line this morning at Graham Bay station.  The whole train is off the track and will block the way until some time this afternoon.  
No one was injured.  The passenger train, which left the Central Station at 8.25 for Parry Sound, was not running very fast at the time the cars left the track.  The cause of the accident is not really known but may have been due to some defect in the switch which was placed yesterday.  The train was not upset but simply left the rails and bumped along on the ties until it was stopped.  The engine took the main line while the cars apparently mounted the frog and took the siding.  The track was torn up considerably.

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