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1934, November 13 - Crossing collision at Hurdman, CPR., Montreal and Ottawa sub., one fatality

Ottawa Journal 13 November 1934

At the railway crossing at Hurdman's Bridge the wheels of an automobile spun on the icy roadway, as a Montreal-Ottawa express train bore down upon it. Unable to get traction, the motor car was wrecked and Richard Dunlop, 53, farm laborer of Renfrew, was killed by the train in a vain attempt to jump clear. The driver of the car escaped.

Richard Dunlop Killed.
Leaping from an automobile stalled in the path of an approaching Ottawa-Montreal express at the Canadian Pacific Railway crossing at Hurdman's Bridge shortly before 10 o'clock this morning Arthur Dunlop, a farm laborer, about 35 years of age, and believed to be from Renfrew, was too late to avoid being struck and suffered such serious injuries that he died a short time later in Ottawa General Hospital.
Hillyard Ebbs, 22, of Ramsayville, driver of the automobile in which Dunlop was being given a lift to the city, had a narrow escape from death when the car was pitched down a 20-foot embankment to total destruction.
Highway Was Slippery.
The slippery condition of the highway was blamed for the accident as the automobile failed to respond to the gas when Ebbs made an attempt to get out of . the way of the rapidly approaching train.
Mr. Ebbs told The Journal that Dunlop called at his farm last night and asked for employment. There was no vacancy but he was given lodging for the night. This morning when Mr. Ebbs was leaving for the city in his automobile Dunlop asked for a ride.
When we arrived at the crossing the car was travelling very slowly and when the brakes were applied the car skidded until the front wheels were on the railway tracks. I attempted to accelerate to get out ot the way of the train, which was right on top of us, but the wheels just spun around on the slippery road. I also slipped the car into reverse to try and back down the slight grade leading to the railway crossing, but the train struck the front portion of the automobile.
Passenger Jumps Out.
Mr. Ebbs explained he was sitting in the driver's seat on the side of impact with the train. Dunlop was sitting on the other side and when he noticed the train coming opened the door and lumped out. Mr. Ebbs thought his companion was all right and had escaped.
It is believed, however, the train pushed the automobile right into Dunlop as as he wasmaking a dash for safety.  The cae=r was carried 36 feet along the tracks before it. toppled over the embankment.
Mr. Ebbs extricated himself from the wreckage of his car, suffering only from a bump on the head and a slight cut on the right wrist. He found his companion nearby and Dr. S. M. Nagle of 221 Laurier avenue east was summoned, and ordered him removed to the General Hospital in Gauthier &Company' ambulance.
Had Many Fractures.
Dunlop was suffering from a fracture at the base of the skull, a compound fracture of the right leg, a compound fracture of his left shoulder, a compound fracture of his right hip, ada many other injuries of a lesser nature. He succumbed to his injuries half an hour after his admission, just as doctors were proceeding to take an X-ray of his skull.
The engineer in charge of the train which later proceeded to Montreal was Eloie Huard, of 142 Irving avenue.
Chief Charles P. McCarthy, of the county police force, investigated the accident and is attempting to trace relatives of Dunlop in Renfrew district.
Dr. R.M. Cairns, coroner, was called and held a preliminary at the hospital this afternoon.

Ottawa Journal 17 November 1034

Jury Returns Verdict Of Accidental Death
Investigsting the accident in which Richard Dunlop, of Renfrew, was fatally hurt on Tuesday morning when an automobile in which he was a passenger was struck by a C.P.R. train at the Russell road crosing near Hurdman's Bridge, a coroner's jury last night returned a verdict of accidental death.
After hearing the evidence of eight witnesses the jury attached no blame to Hillyard Ebbs, of Ramsayville, driver of the automobile which skidded on the slippery road into the path of the slowly moving Montreal train.
Evidence was given by Dr. S.M. Nagle, 221 Laurier avenue east; James Dubois, Hurdman's Bridge, an eye-witness; J. D. McSheffrey, Eastview, C.P.R. section man; Eloie Huard. 142 Irving avenue, train engineer; Mark Baker. 696 Albert street, conductor; Andrew Usher, fireman; Constable John Brown, and the driver of the car. 
The inquest was conducted by Dr. R. M. Cairns, coroner and he wes assisted by J.A. Ritchie, K.C., Crown Attorney.

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