Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1974, November 22 -  32 cars derailed at Haley, CPR., Chalk River sub.

Ottawa Journal 23 November 1974

32-car wreck
This CP Rail freight - train, bound Friday - from Chalk: River to Smiths Falls, jumped the rails at Haley Station, 26 miles east of Pembroke, and ripped out 1,000 feet of track.Thirty-two of the train's 88; boxcars left the  track. Railway spokesman blame a broken axle on one of the cars. Other CP traffic on the line bad to be re-routed over CNR tracks. Heavy equipment has been rbrought to the scene and it's expected the line will be cleared today. No one was hurt. (Bob Cooper Journal /CP)

Ottawa Citizen 23 November 1974

Twisted carnage
Boxcars and flatcars were hurled into the air Friday in the derailment of an 88-car CP Rail freight train one mile east of Haley Station, 10 miles west of Renfrew. Thirty-two cars of the southbound train left the track spilling a cargo of sulphur, zinc and potash. Passenger service was not interrupted and the track was expected to be cleared today.

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