Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1933 October 25 - Crossing collision CPR., Chalk River sub., no injuries

Ottawa Journal 26 October 1933

Truck Demolished at level crossing
Becomes stranded in deep snow as train approaches.

In addition to many trees broken down by the weight of snow, and power communications disabled, the unusually heavy snow storm which struck Ottawa on Monday was responsible for a level-crossing accident at 5.35 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Beyond the demolition of a $2,000 truck owned by The Producers Dairy, limited, no more serious consequences resulted.

Frank Faulkner, 33 Rosemont Avenue, driver of the machine, was travelling along a country side road which connects the Pembroke and Kingston highways near the farms of Bower Henry, president of the Producers Dairy, andA.H. Acres M.L.A.  His truck, which was empty at the time, stalled in the deep snow just as it reached the C.P.R. railway crossing. Mr. Faulkner worked for about half an hour to move it but to no avail. Suddenly the Ottawa-bound Pembroke and Smiths Falls train came into view, and although Mr Faulkner had time to get clear of his stranded truck, he had no time to warn the engine crew.

A derailment of the train was avoided by the fact the truck was struck a glancing blow, and the hurled clear of the tracks. No serious damage was done the locomotive, and after a slight delay the train proceeded to Ottawa. The truck was insured for collision damage.

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