Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1950, February 2 - CNR Freight Train Derails at Bank Street Subway - no injuries

Ottawa Journal 2 February 1950

Rail Cars Jump Track at Bank Street Subway

A trailing brake beam snagged against a switch point, derailed two CNR gondolas laden with anthracite early this morning and hurled them against the steel bulwarks of the Bank street subway bridge.
Cascades of coal showered on to the tracks as the leading gondola of the morning freight from Montreal rode up on the four-foot centre bulwark of the bridge. The gondola hung drunkenly over the centre support while the second gondola rammed into the end of the bridge.

Heading Into Yards.

The mishap occurred shortly after 8:30 this morning as the freight train was about to cross the bridge in to the yards.
Wheels were snapped in two and chassis twisted by the force of the impact which fortunately threw the two cars towards the centre of the bridge, narrowly averting a crash down the concrete abutments to the street below.
The leading gondola was dragged clear of its precarious position by a locomotive and the auxiliary crane called out to clear the tracks.

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