Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1928, November 14 - Crossing collision at Lancaster, CNR., Kingston sub., one fatality.

Morrisburg Leader 16 November 1928

Man Killed at Lancaster Crossing
Aldrich Leroux, 22, driver of a bread delivery van for J. Caron of Lancaster, was instantly killed at 1.55 o'clock Wednesday afternoon when the truck in which he was driving was struck and demolished by the Inter City, Limited on the C.N.R. level crossing at Lancaster. Leroux was driving south across the tracks and obviously failed to notice the approach of the fast train from the east, despite the fact that the warning bells were ringing at the crossing. The wrecked truck was hurled some distance by the impact and Leroux was quite dead when his body was extracted from the cab. An inquest has been ordered for Friday, November 16th, at two o'clock.

Morrisburg Leader 23 November 1928

The inquest into the death of Ulrich Leroux, who lost his life on Wednesday last when his truck was hit by the Inter-City Ltd, at Lancaster crossing, was held in the Public Library in that village on Friday afternoon last, Dr. C .A. Stewart, of Cornwall, Coroner, presiding.  After hearing the evidence the jury brought in the following verdict: "We the jurors considering the the evidence, find that Ulrich Leroux came to his death on Wed., Nov. 14th, by being struck by C.N.R. train No. 35 on the Lancaster crossing. The jury attach no blame to the engineer and fireman, but consider that further protection should be given the crossing at a time when there is another train in the yard, especially on a double track and the view hidden from the East as it is.

Board of Railway Commissioners Order No.  42006 of 4 January 1929

Removes statutory speed limit following accident on 14 Nov 1928.

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