Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1965, May 19 - Girl hit by train in Hull.

From the Ottawa Citizen 20 May 1965

Hull girl, 9, hit by train
A young Hull girl who panicked upon hearing a train whistle and apparently froze in its path miraculously escaped with a minor concussion when she was struck and carried 30 feet by the locomotive.
Louise Gagnon, 9, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Gagnon of 34 Miller St, Hull, was reported in good condition at Sacred Heart Hospital early this morning.
She was hit by an Ottawa-Brockville train on the Tache Boulevard crossing near the Hull Armories around 4.45 p.m. Wednesday.
The accident was a harrowing experience for train engineer Verner Dier of 36 Armstrong St., Ottawa.
Third time
Its the third time he's been involved in an accident while engineering since last November. He was the engineer when a train crashed into a car on the Scott Street run killing a mother and her young son and again when a train hit a vacated car along the same stretch of track.
According to police Louise was standing on the track talking to a friend when the train blew its whistle. She started off the tracks one way and then reversed coming back into the path of the train.
Const. Jean Trottier of Hull police investigated.

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