Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1951, July 25 - Crossing Accident, CPR, Prescott subdivision at Osgoode, one injury

From the Ottawa Citizen 25 July 1951

Train Demolished Coupe, Driver Seriously Hurt
OSGOODE Robert Gardner, 74-year-old Osgoode monument dealer, had a close brush with death this morning when his automobile crashed into the side of a speeding locomotive at a level crossing in the heart of the village.
Taken to Ottawa Civic Hospital, he was reported to be suffering from deep lacerations to the scalp, undetermined back and rib Injuries, and shock. His condition was stated to be serious but not at the moment critical.
Mr. Gardner had been over at Kars three miles west of here and had just driven into the village at 7.55 a.m. Coming to the CPR crossing in the center of the village, he apparently! failed to see or hear the fast Toronto-Ottawa passenger train, and his car struck the locomotive just in front of the cab.
Wreckage Strewn 100 Feet
The light coupe was almost completely demolished and its wreckage was strewn along the right-of-way for more than 100 feet.
Driving alone, Mr. Gardner was thrown clear at the time of impact and, observers claim he escaped death because of that fact.
The train was brought to a stop three-quarters-of-a-mlle from the crossing, and it was backed at once into Osgoode Station. It then was able to proceed to Ottawa, however, after a delay of only a few minutes at the station.
Exclusive Ambulance was called from Ottawa to convey the injured man to hospital. Provincial Cpl. Carl Johns investigated the accident.

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