Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1893, November 22 - Soo train derailed at Snedden's CPR Chalk River sub.

Almonte Gazette 24 November 1893

Trains Derailed.
The fast east-bound Soo train got off the track at Snedden's station at 3 a.m. to-day (Wednesday)  owing to the rails spreading. An engine and tool-car went to assist in replacing the Soo train on the rails, but owing to the same cause they too got off the track. After a delay of five or six hours the track was ready for business again.
- - -
Wouldn't Hold Up.
When the Soo train was derailed at Snedden's early this (Wednesday)  morning a brakeman was sent to Almonte to wire for another engine. This brakeman alleges that while he was walking along the track between here and Snedden's he was met by three men who tried to "hold him up," demanding his money. He fished out a revolver in a hurry, instead of spondulix, and put the trio to flight. It is a pity he did not take action to secure the arrest of the highwaymen.
Note. Spondulix is 18th century slang for money or cash.

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