Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1927, August 9 - Waltham train is delayed by defective car.

Ottawa Citizen 10 August 1927

The C.P.R. Ottawa-Waltham passenger local, which left Ottawa shortly before five o'clock last evening, was delayed for an hour near the Chaudiere Golf Club through the breaking of a "U" bolt, part of the attachment connecting one of the trucks to the bodv of the mail car.
The break was noticed by mail clerk and engineer on the train, which was brought to a stop. Not one wheel left the tracks but the break might have caused a derailment had it not been noticed in time. The train was held up while the disabled car was run in on a siding and another car brought from the city to replace it, and its contents of mail and baggage transferred.

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Updated 1 December 2020