Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1924, October 13 - Trespassing incident, Vankleek Hill, CPR., Montreal and Ottawa sub., one fatality

Ottawa Citizen  14 October 1924

Swedish Mill-Hand Killed Near Vankleek Hill.
VANKLEEK HILL, Oct. 13. While walking tne C.P.R. tracks, about half a mile east of the Vankleek Hill station shortly before six o'clock this evening, Harry Holmen, aSwede, aged 29 years, was run over by Montreal-Ottawa train number S09 and instantly killed, while the body-was mangled beyond recognition. Ideniiticatlon was made by a ring he carried on one of his fingers and a bunch of keys. He had been employed by the Riordon Pulp and Paper Companv at Hawkesbury.
The man had visited the Vankleek Hill C.P.R. station late in the afternoon and inquired about a train to Montreal, and was given the in formation that the train had left. From the station the man walked east along the railway tracks and met a section man who told him he had better take care as the train from Montreal was due.
But Holmen continued on down the tracks. He had got about, half a mile from the station when the train approached and ran him down.
Following; the accident the remains were gathered up and taken to A. D. McRae's undertaking parlors, where Coroner Kirby opened an inquest. This was adjourned until lFriday evening next. The funeral of the accident victim will be held Tuesday afternoon to Trinity church, Hawesbury, and to Hillside cemetery.
The unfortunate man was unmarried, and as far as is known has no relatives in this country. He had been in Canada for the last eight months and had been employed with the Riordon Company at Hawkesbury since September 8.
The train was in charge of Engineer W m. Griffith and Conducor J. R. Hamilton, both of Ottawa.

Ottawa Citizen 18 October 1924

Killed on the Tracks
HAWKESBURT. Oct, 18 A verdict of accidental death with no blame attached to any one was returned last night by the jury at an inquest into the death of Harry Holmen, who was instantly killed by a train when walking on the C.P.R. tracks at Vankleek Hill last Monday evening. Coroner Kirby. M.D., of Hawkesbury, presided. Engineer William Griffith, of Ottawa, told of seeing the man walking on the tracks when his train was a hundred yards distant and blew the whistle but the man- took no heed. He applied the brakes but could not avoid striking him.

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