Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1934, April 20 - Killed Picking Coal On Railway,  Cornwall, CNR., Kingston sub.

Ottawa Citizen 21 April 1934

Killed Picking Coal On Railway

CORNWALL, Ont, April 20 Trespassing on Canadian National Railways tracks in search of pieces of coal cost Mrs. John White, 34-year-old resident of this city, her life this afternoon for she was instantly killed when she walked into the side of the locomotive of the Toronto-bound passenger train.
According to Mr. White, his wife frequently went on the tracks in search of coal as did other residents of the poor section in the vicinity of the tracks. Mrs. White was not known to be hard of hearing, but how she failed to notice the train as it pulled away from the depot is hard to understand,
She was stooped over at the time and as the train neared, it is thought she walked into the side of the locomotive. It is believed that a portion of the engine, possibly the drive shaft, struck her on the back of the head and caused a fracture at the base of the skull.
The accident happened at Kirkey's Crossing, about a half mile west of the city.
The funeral is being held tomorrow.

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