Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1969, July 19 - Passenger train catches fire near Brockville, Canadian National Kingston sub.

Ottawa Citizen 21 July 1969

Blazing train loses race to save car
BROCKVILLE (Special) Passengers were evacuated from a Canadian National Railways coach four miles west of here when fire broke out in the rear of an eastbound train.
After stopping the Saturday afternoon train and re moving the 40 passengers to other cars, the train crew raced into Brockville with the last car burning from end to end.
They were met at Brockville Station by the fire department, who battled the blaze for two hours before they were able to quell the flames.
A complete loss
The coach, an old-style passenger car valued at $30,000, is considered a complete loss. The passengers also lost the luggage stored above the seats.
CNR officials declined to release the names of the train crew but said an investigation into the fire is under way.
Lieutenant Jack Marshall of Brockville's fire department said Sunday the crew told him the fire started in an electrical system control panel at the end of the coach.
Crew members said that when they evacuated the coach it was already filling with smoke, but there were no flames visible.
The train, going from Toronto to Montreal, was scheduled the stop at Brockville.

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