Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1996, May 28 - Crossing collision at Carlsbad Springs, CNR., Alexandria sub., one fatality

Ottawa Citizen 29 May 1996

Woman dies when her van collides with VIA Rail train
Vehicle thrown 70 metres by impact
A woman died Tuesday night when the van she was driving collided with a VIA Rail passenger train at a controlled railway crossing on Russell Road.
Emergency crews were called to the accident scene west of Carlsbad Springs around 7:50 p.m. after a dark-colored Mazda MPV mini-van with Ontario plates struck a northbound train.
The train came to a complete stop about half a kilometre from the crash site, which is three kilometres east of the Russell and Anderson Roads.
The van landed in a ditch about 70 metres from the tracks.
A nearby resident said the van collided with the train at a point about three metres from the front of the engine car. He said a battery cover was torn off and an air valve was broken on the train.
The train was heading to Ottawa from Montreal. No passengers or crew members on the train were injured. A CN Rail spokesman said that the train would be towed into Ottawa and rail traffic would be delayed for a minimum of two hours.
Witnesses at the scene said the railway safety lights and bells were working. There is no barrier at the crossing.
Police had not yet identified the woman late Tuesday The investigation continues.

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