Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1956, May 6 - Crossing accident Plantagenet, CPR Montreal and Ottawa sub., one fatality

From the Ottawa Citizen 7 May 1956

Train Kills Currah Man
HAWKESBURY (Special) A 73-year-old Curran man was kill ed Sunday because he tried to avoid an accident.
Patrick Houle was fatally in jured when he was struck by a train at a North Plantagenet Township railway crossing.
He had just climbed from the car in which he was riding be cause he considered the vehicle had stopped too close to the approaching Montreal-bound CPR train.
Real Bercier of Plantagenet, who was driving the 73-year-old farmer and township road in spector home at the time of the accident, rushed the injured man to Plantagenet. He was pro nounced dead by Dr. Hector Gaboury.
Dr. Moise Gendron, of Bourget, examined the body after it was removed to Bourget Funeral Home and said death had been caused by internal injuries. Dr, Arcade Perrler. coroner of Prescott County, said an inquest would be held.
The accident occurred at Wilfrid Gratton crossing, two miles west of Curran and about 30 miles east of Ottawa. Mr. Houle lived nearby on RR 1.

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