Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1970, July 10 - Crossing collision Pembroke, CPR., Chalk River sub., no injuries

Ottawa Citizen 11 July 1970

Dayliner Hits Car, No One Hurt
PEMBROKE (SUflf) Carol Doran, 18, of Pembroke and two passengers jumped clear only seconds before the Dayliner, a Canadian Pacific Railway passenger train, struck her car after it stalled on the track in Pembroke Township Friday.
Her passengers were Jane Garrow and Keneth Cushing, both of Pembroke.
When the car stalled, Miss Doran was negotiating a hump which exists in Second Cedars Rdad. Just east of Pembroke.
OPP Constable Lawrence Rouble said a similar accident happened at the unprotected crossing a few years ago. Friday, the eastbound train, with engineer Delmar Payne of Ottawa at the controls, carried the Doran car 135 feet along the tracks before dumping it to one side.

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Updated 17 April 2020