Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1935, December 6 - Man asphyxiated by fumes in fruit storage car, Ottawa Union station.

Ottawa Citizen 6 December, 1935

Unidentified Man Killed by Fumes In Fruit Storage car
Body of Unfortunate transient Taken from Toronto-Ottawa Train Today

Asphyxiated by fumes from a heater in a fruit storage car in which he had taken refuge while riding on the Toronto-Ottawa morning train, the body of an unidentified man of about 40 years of age was found this morning on arrival of the train at 6.30 o'clock here
Emery Lafoley, 159 McKay street. who inspects the heaters on the cars, discovered the body and informed police. Constable Joseph Reynolds investigated and ordered the body be taken to the Radmore Stewart Funeral Home, 1323 Wellington street. Dr. R. M. Cairns, coroner, was called, and after a preliminary inquiry adjourned the inquest to Monday at eight o'clock in the police station.
The man, who was wearing a light brown suit, grey overcoat and cap. had evidently been taking a ride from Toronto, and taken refuge from the cold in the heating apartment of the car. He must have been overcome by the fumes before being aware of danger. There were no marks of identification in his clothing except for a piece of paper on which was written "Mrs. B. Walley. East College." It is believed this is a Montreal address. It was also discovered that the man had a large operation scar on the abdomen and a scar on the lower part of the right jaw.

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