Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1920, August 24 - Crossing collision, Hull, CPR., Lachute sub., minor injury

Ottawa Citizen 24 August 1920

Geo. Guertin Was Travelling IN Luck. Accident Gave Free Soft Drinks to Many.
Geo. Guertin, 28 Duke street, Ottawa, had a marvellous escape from death this morning shortly after 10 o'clock, when a motor truck which he was driving was struck on a level crossing at St. Henri street, Hull, by the C.P.R. Brockville train, and demolished.
Guertin was thrown from the truck by the impact of the collision and escaped with a few bruises and a bad cut on the sole of his foot, which injuries were attended to on his removal to the Sacred Heart Hospital. He stated that he was travelling st about four miles an hour and, at the crossing, which is entirely unprotected, was unaware of the approach of the train which, he stated, gave no warning whistle. It struck the truck fairly amidships, hurling him some distance on to the road, and sending a big load of Coca-Cola, with which the truck was loaded, in all directions.
After Guertin had been removed to the hospital, nearby residents, together with hundreds of kiddies, were busy picking up unbroken bottles of Coca-Cola, with which they hurried away with seeming indifference to the accident except that it had brought them fortune in the free soft drinks.
At the hospital it was learned that Guertin is so slightlv injured that he will be able to go to his home this afternoon, after he has rested up from the shock he received..

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