Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

 1908, July 8 - Freight train derails engine and six cars at Merrickville, CPR., Winchester sub, no injuries.

Merrickville Star 9 July 1908

Freight Train Wreck
Engine and Six Cars Derailed at the Station Yesterday Morning

At 3.05 Wednesday morning a freight train was pulling into the yard from Montreal. The train crew had orders to take the new double track from here to Smith Falls and in doing so they ran into an open switch derailing the engine and six cars before the train came to a stand still. About 50 yard of track and ties were torn up. Fortunately the derailed engine and cars, with one exception, did not leave the ties and the work of replacing them on the track was made comparatively easy.
The third car from the engine was thrown across the main line. On this car Brakeman Kenny, of Smith's Falls, formerly of Carleton Place, was standing when the run-off occurred. When his car left the rails he jumped to save himself and received a pretty severe shaking up but is not otherwise injured.
The auxiliary from Smith's Falls was called and by the time the Perth local arrived at 8.30, had the main line clear and two of the cars replaced on the track.
The cars and engine had all been replaced on the track at 4.30 p.m. when they were taken to Smith's.
The train was in charge of Conductor Lockwood and Engineer Kirkpatrick, of Smiths Falls. It is expected that $2,000 will cover the loss.

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