Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1914, September 1914 - CNOR construction locomotive upset in a sink hole.

Picture Collection Ken  L. Elder.

Canadian Railway and Marine World December 1915

"Piles were driven at Stoney Creek, on which a temporary track was constructed, and the girders carried into place from a side track by the locomotive crane. These girders weighed about 25 tons each. This bridge was completed on Sept. 3, 1914, but a serious delay occurred after this. About the time the track was laid to Chats Rapids, the grader's locomotive upset in a sink hole, and a very difficult job of rescuing it was accomplished by calling in the Terry & Tench Co.'s erecting plant. The compressor was set up, and the pile driver used to build a trestle across the sink hole. Then the big locomotive crane was used to pick up the locomotive and set it on the track. This caused a delay of three weeks, and threw the erection of the Chats Rapids Bridge long into the late autumn and winter."

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