Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1940, May 3 - C.N.R Transcontinental Limited derailed by a washout at Kathmore, Beachburg sub.

Ottawa Citizen  3 May 1940

Engine Derailed In Pembroke Washout
PEMBROKE, May 3. According to authorities here the westbound continental limited of the C.N.R., travelling between Montreal and Vancouver, struck a washout at Kathmore, a flag station, 28 miles west of Pembroke on the C.N.R. main line about 2 o'clock this morning.
The engine and two of the cars were derailed but the extent of the damage is unknown here. A cut on the face of the engineer was the only known injury sustained.
Auxiliary trains were sent out from Pembroke this morning to put the limited back on the tracks.

Canadian Press. MONTREAL, May 3. Canadian National Railways officials said no one was injured in the derailment early, today of the westbound Transcontinental Limited in a washout at Kathmore, a flag station 28 miles west of Pembroke, Ont.
The engine and two baggage cars left the rails, according to a company statement, and remained in an upright position. It was reported none of the passengers left the train because of the heavy downpour, which caused a washout 50 feet long and six feet deep.

Due to the washout the train, which was due here at 6 a.m., was delayed eight hours.

Ottawa Journal 3 May 1940

Passengers Unhurt When Train Derailed
PEMBROKE, Ont., May 3. (Staff) Passengers and train crew of the C. N. R. Continental Limited escaped injury when the engine and two cars were derailed at Kathmore, 20 miles west of Pembroke, at 2.30 this morning by a washout.
The engineer was slightly cut but no other injuries were reported. Kathmore is a small flag station between North Bay and Pembroke and the hole in the roadbed was close to the station.
Extent of the damage and time required to make repairs was not known here late this morning, but a wrecking train left Pembroke to clear the line and repair any damage.

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