Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1967, March 14 - Crossing collision, Hull, Montclair Boulevard, CPR., Lachute sub. one fatality

Ottawa Citizen 14 March 1967

Train kills man in Hull
A middle-aged man was killed at 1 p.m. when the car he was driving was struck by a train at Montclair Boulevard level crossing in Hull.
The cor was carried about 200 feet after impact. Hull police were at the scene checking the identity of the lone occupant.

Ottawa Citizen 15 March 1967

Man killed as train crashes auto
A 59-year-old Quebec father of three died instantly Tuesday when his car was struck broadside by a passenger train at a level crossing and dragged more than 900 feet.
Harry  McClory of Low died from head Injuries received when his car, a late model station wagon, was hit by the Ottawa bound CPR express from Montreal at the Montclair Boulevard crossing about 12.55 p.m.
Mr. McLory, superintendent of the Quebec Hydro plant at Paugan Falls, was returning home from a meeting in Hull when the accident occurred.
The Monlclalr Boulevard crossing Is protected by flashing warning signals and bells.
Hull police said eyewitness accounts of the accident indicated warning signals were operating and the train whistle had sounded seconds before the collision..

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