Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1972, January 7 - 22 freight cars derailed on the CNR Kingston Sub east of Long Sault.

From Ottawa Journal Friday 7 January 1972
CN freight train derailed, 22 cars blocking main line
A train derailment early today near Long Sault spilled 22 cars of an 84-car Canadian  National freight train across both east and west CN mainlines between Toronto and Montreal.
The wreckage is expected to make the tracks impassable for at least 24 hours.
The accident took place about 1.30 a.m., 350 feet east of the abandoned Long Sault station and one-half mile north of the village itself. Long Sault is eight miles west of Cornwall. No one was injured.
Three tanker cars containing propane gas were among those derailed and at first it was believed  their cargo was leaking. OPP Long Sault cordoned off the area but Earl Woito, a CN track supervisor, reported late this morning that there was "no leakage at all."
Cause of the accident is not known. Sources at the scene pointed out that the Long Sault station is not in operation so the accident could not have occurred while the train was being backed onto a spur line.
At the same time, the sources did not believe the train jumped the track of its own accord because the track is a straight-away.
A similar accident occurred at the same location last year, Mr. Woito said it was caused by a broken axle on one of the cars.
Two cranes were being used at the scene of today's derailment to lift the wrecked cars from the tracks. While that is being done, Montreal-Toronto traffic is being re-routed  from-Brockville to Dorval via Smiths Falls.
The Rapido between the two cities will be going the entire route on Canadian Pacific tracks.
A CN dispatcher in Belleville estimated that trains could be delayed as much as two hours by the re-routing.
Total damage to the derailed train could not be estimated this morning but Mr. Woito said a lor of empty cars were involved In the accident.
The train was en route from Toronto to Montreal,

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